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Source: Cleasby/Vigfusson, page b0433, entry 3
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MJÖÐM, f., gen. mjaðmar, [Ulf. miduma = GREEK] :-- the hip (prop. the middle of the body); á klæði hans yfir mjöðminni, Niðrst. 3; fyrir ofan mjaðmir, Eb. 240; hjó á mjöðmina, Nj. 253; mjöðm ok herðarblað, Fb. ii. 24; rist, kné, mjöðm, N.G.L. i. 312 :-- in wrestling, leiða e-n á mjöðm, Bárð. 35 new Ed.; or bregða e-m á mjöðm, Fas. iii. 573, of a wrestling trick of throwing one's antagonist by a movement of the mjöðm, called mjaðmar-bragð, the hip-trick, cross-buttock, Fas. ii. 148. mjaðmar-bein and mjaðmar-höfuð, n. the hip-bone, Þiðr. 89, Finnb. 334; á nárann fyrir ofan mjaðmarhöfuð, Sturl. ii. 41. &FINGER; No other word in the language rhymes with mjöðm; see the curious ditty in which a man and a ghost cap verses, Ísl. Þjóðs. i. 464.

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