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Source: Cleasby/Vigfusson, page b0421, entry 5
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megin or megum, adv., which may be derived, not from megin, but from vegr, veginn, with the m from the dat. of the preceding word; hjá altara kvenna megin, on the women's side (in a church), Bs. i. 438; karla megin, on the men's side, Pm. 108; Hjarðarholts megin, on the H. side (of the river), Nj. 35; þeir sátu í öndvegi enum úæðra megin, i.e. on the left side of the hall, Fs. 72, Fms. xi. 71; hinum vinstra m., Hrafn. 13; hægra m., on the right side; enum syðra m., on the southern side, Stj. 564, Fms. viii. 236; hit nyrðra megin, x. 16 v.l.; öðru-megin, on the other side, Nj. 43, 68, 144, Eg. 531; einu megin (einum-megin). from one side only, Nj. 246, Fms. ii. 281, Ísl. ii. 362; þeim megin, on that side, Grág. ii. 137; sínu megin hvárr, Fms. i. 305; báðu-megin, on both sides, Ld. 46; öllum megin, all around, from all sides. Fms. i. 149, 291, Ísl. ii. 343: hvárungi megin, on neither side, Grág. ii. 266, 267; tveim megin brikar, Kormak. II. megum, hann bjó á Bálkastöðum hvárum megum, Grett.; sínum megum hvárir, Fms. viii. 51; báðum megum, Grág. ii. 266; öllum megum, Eg. 288, Gg. 7; öðrum megum sundsins, Hbl. (prose); tveim megum, Blanda (MS.)

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