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Source: Bosworth/Toller, page b0191, entry 16
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CYTEL, citel, cetel, es; m. A kettle, brazen or copper pot, cauldron; ccbus = GREEK , lbes = GREEK :-- Hwer vel cytel lebes: cytel cacbus, Ælfc. Gl. 26; Som. 60, 84, 85; Wrt. Voc. 25, 24, 25. Cytel cacbus, Wrt. Voc. 82, 57. On niwum cytele in a new kettle, L. M. 1, 3; Lchdm. ii. 44, 2. On cyperenum citele in a copper kettle, 1, 15; Lchdm. ii. 56, 19. On micelne citel, on læssan citel in a large kettle, in a smaller kettle, 1, 38; Lchdm. ii. 98, 10, 12. Ceteles brúm kettle-soot, 1, 72; Lchdm. ii. 148, 10. Genim tyn-ámberne cetel take a kettle holding ten ambers, L. M. 1, 36; Lchdm. ii. 86, 13. [Prompt. ketyl, chetyle: Wyc. ketels, cheteles, pl: Plat. ketel: O. Sax. ketil, m: Dut. ketel, m . Frs. tjettel: O. Frs. ketel, szetel, tsetel, m : Ger. kessel, m: M. H. Ger. kezzel, m: O. H. Ger. kezil, m: Goth. katils, m: Dan. kjedel, kedel, m. f: Swed. kittel, m : Icel. ketill, m.]

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