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Source: Bosworth/Toller, page b0184, entry 17
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cyme-líc, cynellíc, cynelec; adj. Kingly, royal, regal, belonging to the state, public; regius, regalis, publicus :-- Eádward cyng man bebyrigde bútan lcum cynelícum wurþscipe king Edward was buried without any kingly honour, Chr. 979; Erl. 129, 3. Ðæt is cynelíc þing that is a royal thing, Exon. 124b; Th. 478, 26; Ruin. 48. Wæs ðæs ylcan mynstres abbudisse on ða tíd seó cynellíce fmne Ælfld præerat quidem tunc eidem monasterio regia virgo Ælbflæd, Bd. 4, 26; S. 603, 3. Ðæt se cynelíca hád ðæs hálgan weres éce gemynd hæfde ut regia viri sancti persona memoriam haberet æternam, 3, 11, S. 535, 30. In ðæm cynelecan túne in the royal town, Bd. 3, 17; S. 543, 21, col. 2. Cynelícre publica, Glos. Prudent. Recd. 145, 30. Cynelíco getimbro and ánlípie publica ædificia et privata, Bd. 1, 15; S. 483, 45. Chaldéas cynelícan getimbro mid fýre fornámon [MS. fornaman] the Chaldeans destroyed the royal buildings with fire, 1, 15; S. 483, 42. He onféng cynelícum gewdum and com on Breotone he took the royal robes and came into Britain, 1, 6; S. 476, 19, note. Wið ða cynelícan ádle ðe man auriginem nemneþ ad morbum regium, hoc est, auriginem [ = auruginem], Herb. 87, 1; Lchdm. i. 190, 14. Cynelíc reáf trabea, Ælfc. Gl. 63; Som. 68, 122; Wrt. Voc. 40, 30. Cynelíc [MS. kyne-] botl palatium, 81; Som. 73, 9; Wrt. Voc. 47, 16.

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