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Source: Cleasby/Vigfusson, page b0325, entry 3
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B. In endless COMPDS: járn-auga, n. 'iron-eye,' a nickname, Sturl. iii. 68. járn-band, n. an iron borer, Barl. 179. Járn-barði, a, m. 'Iron-boarder,' name of a battering ram, Ó. T. járn-benda, d, to band, gird, hoop with iron. járn-borg, f. an 'iron castle,' used of a ring of iron-clad ships, Hkv. Hjörv. járn-brandr, m. an iron bar, Niðrst. 106. járn-broddr, m. an iron prod or spike, járn-bundinn, part. iron-bound, of a shield, Karl. 240, 262, 349. járn-burðr, m. iron-bearing, the ordeal of carrying hot iron, mid. Lat. ferrum candens, for references see bera A. III. 1. járn-bútr, m. an iron stump, Þorst, Síðu H. 10: a nickname, Sturl. iii. 217. járn-dragi, a, m. an 'iron-drawer,' magnet, Konr. 33. járn-drepsleggja, u, f. an iron sledge-hammer, Eb. 272. járn-faldinn, part. hooded in mail, Eb. (in a verse). járn-festr, f. an iron bond, Vm. 70, 165, Greg. 54, Fas. iii. 213. járn-fjöturr, m. an iron fetter, Edda 20. járn-fleinn, m. an iron bar, Fas. iii. 125. járn-gaddr, m. an iron goad, Landn. 212, Fb. iii. 300, Bs. i. 820. járn-gerð, f. an iron girdle, Fms. v. 345. járn-glófi, a, m. an iron glove, Edda 15 (of Thor). Járn-glumra, u, f. name of an ogress, Edda (Gl.) járn-góðr, adj. of good iron, Fas. ii. 466. járn-grár, adj. iron-gray, Dipl. iii. 14 (of stuff); in Edda (Ht.) of a coat of mail. járn-greipr, f. pl. = járnglófi, Edda 60, 61. járn-grind, f. an iron grate, Niðrst. 106, Symb. 58. járn-görð, f. iron-forging. járngörðar-maðr, m. a blacksmith, Grett. 129 A. járn-hanki, a, m. an iron hoop, Sd. 191. járn-hattr, m. an iron hat, a kind of helmet, Ann. 1394, D. N. i. 321. Járn-hauss, m. Iron-skull, a nickname, Fær. járn-hespa, u, f. an iron hasp, Fas. iii. 383. járn-hlekkr, m. an iron link, chain. járn-hlið, n. an iron gate, Lil. 61. járn-hosa, u, f. = brynhosa, Þiðr. 169. járn-hólkr, m. an iron tube, Þjal. 8. járn-hringr, m. an iron ring, Hkr. ii. 12 (in a verse), iii. 266, Þiðr. 187: spelt earnhringar, Skálda 164. Járn-hryggr, m. Iron-back, a nickname, Fas. járn-hurð, f. an iron hurdle, door, Fms. i. 104, xi. 74, Þiðr. 169. járn-hvalr, m. a whale found with a harpoon in it, Jb. 108, 312, Js. járn-kambr, m. an iron comb, Fas. iii. 612, Blas. 46. járn-karl, m. an iron hoe, Vm. 177, passim in mod. usage. járn-kertistika, u, f. an iron candlestick, Vm. 34. járn-ketill, m. an iron kettle, Grág. i. 501. járn-kló, f. an iron claw or fang, Ísl. ii. 195. járn-klukka, u, f. an iron bell, Landn. 42. járn-klæddr, part. iron-clad, Hkr. iii. 201. járn-kola, u, f. a small iron lamp, Jm. 31, Vm. 177. járn-krókr, m. an iron crook, Fms. v. 157. járn-kylfa, u, f. an iron club, Fas. iii. 324. járn-lampr, m. an iron lamp, Pm. 126. járn-leikr, m. an iron game, poët. a battle, Höfuðl. 8. járn-ligr, adj. of iron, Lat. ferreus, Stj. 345. járn-litr, m. iron colour. járn-loka, u, f. an iron lock, Fas. iii. 380. járn-lurkr, m. an iron cudgel, Hbl. járn-lykkja, u, f. an iron clasp, Gísl. 88. járn-meiss, m. an iron basket: name of a ship. Nj. 163. járn-mél, n. pl. the iron mouth-piece of a bridle. járn-mikill, adj. of solid iron, Fb. i. 524. járn-milti, n. an iron bar. járn-munnr, m. an iron mouth, poët. of a beak, Lex. Poët. járn-nagli, a, m. an iron nail, Bs. i. 860, passim. járn-nef, n. an iron neb or beak, Fas. iii. 507. járn-nökkvi, a, m. an iron boat, used of a giant seen rowing in a boat of iron, Landn. 78. járn-ofinn, part. iron woven, of a coat of mail, Fas. i. (in a verse). járn-port, n. an iron gate, Stj. 205, járn-rekendr, part. pl. iron chains, barring a strait, Fms. vii. 183, xi. 322: shackles, Sks. 416; þá svaf Petrus bundinn tvennum járnrekendum, Post. 656 C. 11. járn-rending, f. [rönd], an iron brim, Korm. 120. járn-rendr, part. bordered with iron, Korm. 68, Grett. 119 A. járn-saumr, m. iron nails, N. G. L. i. 101. járn-sax, n. an iron cutlass, Lex. Poët. Járn-saxa, u, f. Iron-chopper, name of an ogress, Edda: a nickname, Nj. járn-serkr, m. an iron sark, coat of mail, Lex. Poët. járn-sía, u, f. a red-hot iron bar, Edda 61. Járn-síða, u, f. Ironside, nickname of a mythical warrior king, Ragn. S.; cp. the A. S. king Edmund Ironside: name of an Icel. code of laws (1271-1280), prob. from being cased in iron, Ann. Resen. 1271. járn-skip, n. a ship's model in iron, Pm. 51, 79. Járn-skjöldr, m. Iron-shield, a pr. name, Fb.: as also a nickname, Hdl. járn-skór, m. an iron shoe, Bárð. 179, Edda 56, (of the mythol. shoe of the god Vidar.) jára-slá, f. an iron bar, Fms. i. 129, Gísl. 88, Sks. 631, Fas. i. 415. járn-sleggja, u, f. an iron sledge-hammer, Bs. i. 120, Karl. 338. járn-sleginn, part. mounted with iron. járn-smiðr, m. a blacksmith, Eg. 141, Landn. 118, Fms. vi. 361, Stj. 451: metaph. a black insect, so called as opp. to gullsmiðr, q.v. járn-smíð, f. the forging of iron, Fms. xi. 427. járn-smíði, n. smith's work, Sturl. i. 47. járn-spjót, n. an iron spear, Karl. 365. járn-spöng, f. an iron clasp, Gþl. 105: iron-plating, Fms. ii. 310. járn-stafr, m. an iron staff, Nj. 211, Hkr. i. 229, Landn. (in a verse), járn-stika, u, f. an iron candlestick, Vm. 2, 6, Dipl. iii. 4. járn-stóll, m. an iron chair, Dipl. v. 18, D. N. járn-stólpi, a, m. an iron post, Sks. 631. járn-stúka, u, f. the sleeves of a coat of mail, Sighvat. járn-stöng, f. an iron bar, Bárð. 164. járn-súla, u, f. an iron column, Edda 61, Fb. i. 527. járn-svipa, u, f. an iron lash, Clem. 57, 656 C. 36. járn-teinn, m. an iron prong, Eg. 285, Bs. i. 854: iron wire, Fms. ii. 129, v.l.: an iron fork, Fas. iii. 123. járn-tíund, f. a tax on iron, N. G. L. i. 462. járn-vafinn, part. wound round with iron, Eg. 285, Sturl. i. 63, Krók. járn-varðr, part. mounted with iron, Darr. 2, Stj. 387, Fms. vi. 145. járn-vápn, n. an iron weapon, Fas. ii. 178. járn-viðjar, f. pl. iron withes, iron wire, Fas. iii. 211, Symb. 57, Gullþ. 52. Járn-viðr, m. the Iron Wood, a mythical wood with iron leaves (Vsp. 32), peopled by ogresses, called Járn-viðjur, f. pl., Edda, Eyvind (Yngl. S. ch. 9): also the local name of a wood in Holsten, -- den stora Holstenska skov Isarnhow, der af de Danske oversættes Jarnwith, Nord. Tidskr. for Oldk. i. 272. járn-völr, m. an iron bar, Bev. járn-æðr, f. iron vein, ore, 544. 39. járn-ör, f. an iron shaft, N. G. L. i. 102: also = herör, q.v. (sub herr B, at end).

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