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Source: Cleasby/Vigfusson, page b0175, entry 25
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FRYGÐ, f., and fryktr, m., Stj. 26, 56, 77, [an unclass. word formed from Lat. fructus], blossoming; fegrð ok f., Stj. 14, 142; frygð ok feiti, 154; frygð ok ávöxtr, 15. frygðar-fullr and -samligr, adj. fruitful, Stj. 27. II. in the Rímur of the 15th century frygð is used of love, Lat. amores, Skáld-H. 5. 38, passim; and frygðugr, adj. amorous, Skáld-H. It is a bad word and quite out of use, and seems to have no connection with Germ. freude, which is a good Teut. word; the mod. frukt, n. humble compliments, and frukta, að, to make such compliments, in a bad sense, are perhaps akin, but they are slang words.

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