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Source: Bosworth/Toller, page b0019, entry 35
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ÆSC; g. æsces; pl. nom. acc. æscas, ascas; g. æsca, asca; d. æscum, ascum; m; I. an ash-tree; fraxinus excelsior :-- On ðone æsc to the ash-tree. Cod. Dipl. Apndx. 461; A. D. 956; Kmbl. iii. 450, 3. Æsc fraxinus, Ælfc. Gl. 45; Som. 64, 98. II. the Anglo-Saxon Rune RUNE = æ, the name of which letter in Anglo-Saxon is æsc an ash-tree, hence this Rune not only stands for the letter æ, but for æsc an ash-tree, as, -- RUNE byþ oferheáh, eldum dýre, stíþ staðule the ash-tree is over-high, dear to men, firm in its place, Hick. Thes. vol. i. p. 135; Runic pm. 26; Kmbl. 344, 23. Se torhta æsc the remarkable Rune æsc, Exon. 112a; Th. 429, 24; Rä. 43, 9. III. an ash-spear, a spear, lance; hasta fraxinea, hasta :-- Byrhtnóþ wánd wácne æsc Byrhtnoth brandished his slender ashen spear, Byrht. Th. 132, 68; By. 43: 140, 59; By. 310. Ðe ðé æsca tír æt gúðe forgeaf who to thee gave glory of spears in battle. Cd. 97; Th. 127, 10; Gen. 2108. Asca, g. pl. Exon. 78a; Th. 292, 15; Wand. 99. Æscum with spears. Beo. Th. 3548; B. 1772: Andr. Kmbl. 2195; An. 1099. IV. because boats were made of ash, -- a small ship, a skiff, a light vessel to sail or row in; navis, navigium, dromo :-- Hét Ælfréd cyng timbrian langscipu ongén ða æscas king Alfred commanded to build long ships against those ships, Chr. 897; Th. i. 174, 41. Æsc dromo, Wrt. Voc. 63, 34: 56, 24. [O. H. Ger. asc, m: O. Nrs. askr, m. arbor, fraxinus, vas ligneum, navis, gladius, Egils.] DER. daroþ-æsc, ceaster-: æsc-rind.

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