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Author: Sean Crist (Nuance Communications)
Email: kurisuto at panix dot com
Date: 2013-07-15 15:23:13
Subject: Re: Question

> 1) I wanted to make sure I had permission to adapt your work into a dictionary
> of this sort.

The texts are copyright-expired and can be used by anyone for any purpose. My permission isn't needed, although I appreciate you asking.

> 2) Is the complete text download still being updated? I noticed that a number
> of pages are still considered as works in progress. If/when those get updated I
> wanted to make sure this would be reflected in the complete text download for
> the future.

The Old Icelandic dictionaries aren't actively being worked on. I've been working on a major update to the site which will allow further edits, Wiki-style. However, I don't expect to be able to launch it within the next few months.


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